Manufacturing techniques


We can claim another outstanding specialisation service in the field of glass and mirror glueing. Whether in the production of safety glass, the manufacture of double mirrors or the manufacture of a complete assembly, we are your competent partners with many years of experience. With our machine park, which is specially designed for this purpose, and our professionally trained employees, we can guarantee that we can meet the demands for the highest quality as well as total process safety (we make use of automated technology).


Different types of adhesion:

– Glass to glass (e.g. composite glass)

– Glass to mirror

– Mirror to mirror (e.g. double mirrors)

– Glass to metal

– Glass to synthetic material

– Glass to wood


Depending on the material combinations and their requirements, we use different types of adhesives:

– UV adhesives

– two component adhesives

– ethyl vinyl actetate (EVA) adhesives

– adhesive strips

– hotmelt adhesives


External test institutions (e.g. TÜV-Rheinland) regularly confirm our outstanding quality and safety guarantee.


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