LECO Glas-, Spiegel und Kunststofftechnik GmbH

the automotive industry

We have been competent partners for the automotive industry for more than five decades.

Our competence in the areas of sun visors and exterior mirrors is valued by customers here and abroad.  With ongoing improvement and modernisation of our production plant, we can guarantee high process reliability and a product of the highest quality.

high process reliability

Sun visor mirror

We produce sun visor mirrors and vanity mirrors in a wide variety of designs and shapes. Whether they are mirrors covered in a silver coating to achieve guaranteed high reflection, with cut or bevelled edges, and provided with a wide range of shatter protection, either on the front or the back, we aim to satisfy all customers‘ requests and requirements. Even the processing of curved mirrors is possible.

Exterior mirrors

We produce a great variety of exterior mirrors (plane, aspherical or convex).  A wide range of coatings (silver, chrome, blue) complete our wide production range.

Divisions, lettering or other markings are manufactured according to the individual request of our customers. We can also affix heating foil or shatter protection in the form of different adhesive tapes.

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